A Time to Celebrate the Seasons
October 2, 2017

As we step into the season of fall, I am reminded of the beauty it provides, the colours of the leaves on the trees and the crunch under my feet of the ones that have fallen. I breathe in the smell of the fall air and I feel refreshed and blessed to be alive in this moment of time.  This season, snow may visit only for a while and then melt away – winter may be around the corner and for now I will take the time to be grateful for each moment and remember that whatever season may be upon us, I will cherish and celebrate them all.


I find that even though I am very grateful for the seasons, sometimes in my own journey to wellness, when the seasons change, I find it hard to motivate myself (some of you may be able to relate with this) especially when it is a dark and gloomy day. One of my wellness tools is to draw in my journal – what I find very cool is that whenever I draw a picture, I always include the sun – so matter what the weather is, I know that the sun will always shine in my drawings.


It is also a great time to celebrate what the Wellness Network has to offer as it helps connect people through self-directed exploration to enhance and maintain optimal wellness, and what a greater time then now to explore as we transition from fall into winter.  Check out our website at www.wellnessnetworkedmonton.com and do the Wellness Quiz at www.wellnessnetworkedmonton.com/wellness-quiz. You may also find it very beneficial to visit our office and meet our Peer Navigators who demonstrate the value of lived experience.  Please call 780-784-3492 to make an appointment or inquire about our new hours!


I wish you all the best and may this transition from fall to winter be one that you may celebrate and start something new to enhance and maintain your optimal wellness.

By Michelle Black, Peer Navigator