Emotional Wellness

The Emotional dimension of wellness is about the degree to which you feel positive about yourself and your life.  It focuses on the ability to be aware and accepting of the way that you feel.  Emotional wellness includes one’s capacity to manage one’s feelings and behaviours, developing autonomy and the ability to cope effectively with life stressors, within a realistic assessment of one’s limitations.  It is striving to meet emotional needs constructively, maintaining good mental health, a positive attitude, high self-esteem and a strong self-image.

I am able to recognize and manage different stressors in my life
I am aware and able to accept my feelings
I value self-exploration, reflection and self-improvement
I ask for help when I need it
I love and accept myself for who I am
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Physical Wellness

Physical wellness is the ability to apply your knowledge, motivation, commitment, behavior, self-management, attitude, and skills toward achieving your personal fitness and physical health goals.  This dimension of wellness focuses on participation in appropriate physical activities and exercise, addressing nutrition and healthy eating habits and avoiding harmful substances like tobacco, alcohol and drugs.  Optimal physical wellness also includes the personal responsibility required to care for minor illnesses and seek medical treatment as required.

I maintain healthy, balanced eating patterns
I get enough sleep to feel rested most nights of the week
I am active most days of the week – totaling 60 minutes a day of light effort, 30-60 minutes of moderate effort or 20-30 a day of vigorous effort
I avoid harmful behaviors and substances including drinking no more than 3 drinks of alcohol (for women)/4 drinks (for men) in one sitting
I watch for early signs of sickness and take action to address them
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Environmental Wellness

The environmental dimension of wellness involves accepting the impact we have on our world and doing something about it.  It is about being part of creating and sustaining a healthy, safe and nurturing environment in which to live with others.  Environmental wellness involves taking personal responsibility for how our actions impact the world around us and respecting the value of our physical and social surroundings.

I am aware of the environment around me and strive to live in harmony with it
I positively contribute to the health and safety of my community
The environment where I live and spend my time is safe and nurturing
I understand and think about how what I do impacts those around me
I believe that everyone has a role to play in protecting the world around us
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Career & Academic Wellness

The career and academic dimension of wellness involves choosing a career, job or academic pathway that is rewarding and enjoyable.  It focuses on the value of contributions that you make to your community in addition to a degree of personal gratification.  Career and academic wellness is important in defining roles and establishing routine and structure in one’s life.

I am satisfied with my work/school performance and role as a contributing member in my community
I seek out new life challenges and consider ongoing personal development to be important
I value expanding my skills and knowledge
I have the ability required to seek out helpful resources in my community
My sense of self includes a healthy productive role
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Social & Cultural Wellness

The social and cultural dimension of wellness encourages one to contribute to humanity and to the common good of those around you.  Social and cultural wellness will allow you to have positive interactions with others, feel comfort in your communities and have a sense of belonging.  It encourages the value of leisure and recreation, friendships and intimacy.  Social and cultural wellness involves an active process of communicating, caring for others and allowing others to care for you.

I take an interest in and interact with my peers and community
I’m able to find the time to maintain healthy relationships with my friends and loved ones
I feel a sense of belonging to a group or a community
I am able to express my beliefs, feelings and preferences in a way which is direct, honest, appropriate and respectful of others
I fulfill my social roles as a member of a family, group of friends, part of a team or club
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Spiritual Wellness

The spiritual dimension of wellness involves seeking meaning and purpose in one’s life.  It is an active process of getting in touch with your inner self in order to integrate and find meaning in personal experiences and beliefs.  Spiritual wellness allows peace and tolerance of those around us and is demonstrated by living each day in a way that is consistent with one’s values and goals.

I feel an overall sense of peace and well-being in my life
I engage in spiritual or religious practices that promote my spiritual well-being
I believe my life to have direction and meaning
I understand my own values and beliefs, and respect the values, ethics and beliefs of others
I experience love, joy, peace and fulfillment in my life
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Financial Wellness

Financial wellness is a dimension that, although outside of the person, is a mandatory component of wellness. It is having an understanding of your financial situation and taking care of it in a way that allows you meet your personal goals.  It is about maintaining balance and being comfortable with where your money comes from and where it is going.

I have enough money to manage my living needs
I have both short and long term financial goals
I live within my means
I budget my spending each month
I have the knowledge required for how best to live on my income
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