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About The Wellness Network Recovery College Edmonton


Wellness Network Recovery College courses are co-developed and co-facilitated by people with lived experience of mental health issues, addictions and, trauma with the support of mental health professionals. Recovery colleges seek to empower people to share their own story and experiences, and offer education and support to people on their unique recovery journey.

Co-production and co-facilitation means that all developers of our courses and all our course facilitators will have their own experiences with mental illness, trauma or addictions. Peer Facilitators draw from their own life and speak from a place of understanding and experience rather than a clinical approach. This personal perspective allows the facilitators to create a genuine connection with participants.

Guiding Principles

  1. Wellness Network Recovery College offers courses and programs that are designed
    and delivered using educational and recovery-oriented principles.
  2. Wellness Network Recovery College courses are co-developed: which means they are
    co-designed and co-facilitated by people with lived experience with mental health
    issues and/or addiction challenges.
  3. Wellness Network Recovery College is committed to a community development
    approach to planning and delivery. Community member’s voices are valued and
    equally important in planning and decision-making processes.
  4. Success is measured and evaluated in relation to having a valuable and meaningful
    learning experience, feeling supported, working towards personal goals, and
    gaining hope.
  5. Wellness Network Recovery College recognizes individuals have the ability to
    determine the best path for their recovery and must be supported along their
    unique journey.
  6. Wellness Network Recovery College embraces and values diversity, prioritizing
    equity, inclusion, and mutual respect.


Purpose: Creating opportunities for people to learn about
their wellness and recovery journey.

Mission: Empower individuals through peer led, community
driven, recovery oriented education.

Vision: Exploring strengths through self-directed learning
and sharing of lived experience.

Values: Hope and Self-determination

Important Values

Consumer choice
Peer support
Recovery oriented
Community driven
Lifelong learning

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