Clareview Fitness

Mar 19
  • 3804 -139 Ave
  • Cost: Free with leisure access pass

Fridays 11:00-12:15pm

  • Improve your fitness level, learn about the equipment at the facility and meet new people.

    For more info contact Lisa: 780-405-1264


  • Registration will be required to enter the facility (as it was before), via the Move, Learn, Play website ( or calling 3-1-1 (must provide the date, time, and location of where you want to go). You are able to book for March 19th now, so I recommend you book early if you are planning to attend.
  • Masks will be required at ALL TIMES (even while exercising).
  • Tracks are NOT open for walking around, as they are being used to distance equipment. You may only use them to access a different part of the fitness centre if necessary.
  • *Cited directly from the City of Edmonton website:

-Weight and cardio equipment will be available for low intensity workouts, which means you must be able to talk while exercising.

-Another way to judge low intensity is the Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) scale (see attached image) from 1-10. An RPE of 1-4 is acceptable.

-Physical distancing of 3 meters is required at all times.

  • Please be dressed and ready to exercise when you arrive, and bring appropriate, clean indoor footwear.
  • Lisa will still be at the facility to facilitate the program, but will be keeping a 3 meter distance at all times.

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