Cooking Basics 2

  • 10455-172 Street
  • Cost: Free

Time:  Wednesday’s 1:00 – 3:00pm, Feb 23rd – Mar 30th

Location:  Prosper Place Clubhouse, 10455 172 Street

Contact:  Fay Swann  780-426-7861  OR

LIMIT: 4 participants


Cooking Basics 2 is an innovative cooking course that builds on everything we learn in Cooking Basics 1. It teaches not only the correct cooking techniques for various applications, but also how to compliment and balance flavours while we are cooking. This course also includes the essentials of proper nutrition, and allows us to make informed decisions about the things we eat, while allowing us to prepare food in new and exciting ways.

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Samantha Yasinowski

Peer Facilitator

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