Prosper Place Peer Leaders

On July 17, 2023, two Peer Leaders were hired at Prosper Place, a program of the Canadian Mental Health Association – Edmonton Region. They are peer members who have shown exceptional commitment towards the running of their Prosper Place recovery community.

Bryna C. and Carmen H. are the new Peer Leaders and they will do their jobs for three months with a possibility of extension. They are being supervised, trained, and mentored by Nelson Sanchez, Acting Manager of Prosper Place.

Bryna and Carmen are two peer members who are leading the way to a peer-run recovery community. Staff are moving into the background and peer members are stepping up and taking on more and more responsibility for the day-to-day running of Prosper Place.

Let’s ask Bryna and Carmen what they think of their new jobs:

Bryna: “Being a Peer Leader keeps me very busy. I like it. And I’m getting lots of steps in every day. I have learned to do receipt balancing for daily cash out. The peer members have been helping out with Reception and washing dishes. Carmen and I lead Canteen Training now.”

Carmen: “I like being a Peer Leader because I’m helping others with their recovery. Peer Leaders are helping other peer members. It’s meaningful work. There’s lot’s to learn and the peer members are helping me if I don’t know something.”

Prosper Place Volunteer of the Year 2021-2022 Jason N (left), and Peer Leaders Carmen H (middle), Bryna C (right).

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